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LCIF Ranked Best NGO Worldwide See Below Article    
MMR - Problems  See Below Article    
Bugles Across  See Article Below   
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Camp video's =  CAMP VIDEO MADE ABOUT 1992   and   CAMP VIDEO 2003  

 GACHIP Georgia Child Identificationb Program  See Below Article  
 How are Your RATINGS????          Take this simple and fast TEST - it might prove something  


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LCIF Ranked Best NGO Worldwide

In a special report released Thursday, July 5, 2007, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) ranked best among non-governmental organizations (NGOs) worldwide. From 34 global organizations, LCIF came in first for its execution of programs, demonstrated accountability, communications internally and externally, program adaptability to the surrounding community, and understanding the goals of its corporate supporters.

LCIF beat out Rotary International, Habitat for Humanity, UNESCO and UNICEF, to name a few on the list.

The ratings were compiled by the Financial Times in association with the Dalberg Global Development Advisers and the United Nations Global Compact. The assessment was published in the Financial Times' Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy special report and highlights companies'
growing interest in long-term partnerships to tackle an expanding range of social issues. The full story can be at and story about the list can be viewed at The list was also reproduced in the Chronicle of Philanthropy. The full list can be viewed at,dwp_uuid=c1927432-1f9e-11dc-ac86-000b5df10621.pdf.

The list was released at a meeting of executives of NGOs and the UN in Geneva, Switzerland.

Lions Clubs International Foundation is Lions helping Lions serve the world. Donations provide funding in the form of grants to financially assist Lions districts with large-scale humanitarian projects that are too extensive for Lions to finance on their own. The Foundation aids Lions in making a greater impact in their local communities, as well as around the world. Through LCIF, Lions ease pain and suffering and bring healing and hope to people worldwide. For more information, visit .
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MMR - Problems

Hi, Lion Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer

I continue to wait for my membership number and password so that I can submit our MMR, etc online. I will submit all reports needed when I get this information. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can get this number, etc. any faster?  I  would appreciate any suggestions you can give me.

Lion ??????  ?????? 
Secretary, ??????  Lions Club

Dear Lion ???????,


I checked the Lions Club International website and the officers for the ?????? Lions Club are not listed.  The secretary from your club

did not notify Lions Club International of the names of the President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Chair for your club for this year.  The PU 101 form needs to be submitted to Lions Club International or last year's secretary needs to get on the Lions Club International site to do the form on-line.  This was due May 15

The Lions Club International website says: Passwords By Email - If you are a current club or district officer, your password can be sent

to you by email. You must have a current email address on file with headquarters. See the "Need your password" link on this page. Then enter your member ID number and click "Submit." Your password will be sent to you shortly via an automatic e-mail response.

Even without a password you can get a copy of the PU 101 form by going to the Lions Club International website at,  pick English, on the left side menu under MEMBERS find Club Resource Center, click on that, scroll down to the secretary section and continue scrolling until you reach Officer Reporting Forms and Applications and look for

Click on that. 

On the form wherever there is a red # symbol, you should be able to type in the information using your computer keyboard.  Then print out the form and fill in by hand the name of the club, the club number of ???? and the meeting information at the top.  Send the form to Lions Club International. 


Your member number is: ???????

????'s member number is: ???????

?????'s member number is: ???????

You need these for the form. 


I have sent copies of this email to other district officers in case any of them have additional advice in this matter.


Good luck and let me know if I can be of any further help.

Lion Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer



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Bugles Across America now has over 5000 bugler volunteers located in all 50 states and growing number overseas. Since the Department of Veterans Affairs is expecting more than 1/2 million veterans to pass every year for the next 7 years, Bugles Across America is ALWAYS recruiting new volunteers.

Bugler Volunteers can be male or female. They can play a traditional bugle with no valves, or they can perform the ceremony on a Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn, or a 1, 2 or 3 valved bugle. The bugler can be of any age as long as they can play the 24 notes of Taps with an ease and style that will do honor to both the Veterans, their families, and the burial detail performing the service.  

Volunteer Online here.


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GAGeorgiaCHIPChild Identification Program
What If Your Child Is Missing?   
                            If Your Child Is Missing
ACT IMMEDIATELY if you believe your child is missing.
*If your child is missing from home:  Search the house -- checking closets, piles of laundry, in and under beds, inside
old refrigerators -- wherever a child might crawl or hide.  If you still cannot find your child, immediately call your local
law-enforcement agency.
*If your child disappears in a store:  Notify the store manager or security office.  Then immediately call your local
law-enforcement agency.  Many stores have a Code Adam plan of action.  If a child is missing in the store, the
emoloyees immediately mobilize to look for the missing child.
                Request that your child's name and identifying information be immediately entered
                into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Missing Person File.
*When you notify law-enforcement:  Explain to them that your child is missing and that your child has been identified at a GACHIP event.  The tools that you received in the GACHIP identification kit will provide law-enforcement with digital
pictures and information that is compatible with the Amber Alert program.  Tell law-enforcement when you noticed that your
child is missing and what the child is wearing.  Request that your child's name and identifying information be immediately
entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Missing Person File.
What is GACHIP?
GACHIP -- the Georgia Child Identification Program -- is one of the most comprehensive Child Recovery, Identification,
and Abduction Awareness programs ever to be offered to parents in the state of Georgia.  Since 2004, Freemasons from various state jurisdictions in the United States and in several Canadian provinces have sponsored Masonic CHIP events.
At a CHIP event, Freemasons set up the equipment and enlist the aid of local volunteers, as necessary, to generate completed child identification kits.  Each child progresses through several stations taking about 10 to 15 minutes for the entire process.  The recorded information is presented to the child's parent or guardian to take home for safekeeping.  All information is confidential and GACHIP retains nothing but the permission form when the kit is completed and given to the parents.
The mission of the GACHIP program is to raise public awareness concerning the risk of abduction or exploitation that our children now face in today's society.  This mission is accomplished by conducting GACHIP events throughout our state.
                                     No Charge to Parents         
Georgia Masons are presenting GACHIP program free of charge to the public.  This program is offered as a public service and as our gift to the citizens of our state.
GACHIP provides a valuable tool for the parents or guardians of a child -- a small computer disk that includes:
        *Full color digital photographs showing various poses of the child.  These color photographs can be circulated by the police to the media in the case of abduction and can be used in the Amber Alert Program.
        *A complete set of digital fingerprints.  Everyone's fingerprints are unique and are a well known tool for recovery, investigation and identification.
        *Information about the child including distinguishing features such as hair and eye color, scars, etc.  The disk will also contain contact information for parents or guardians.
        *A laminated ID Card that contains your child's information and a photgraph. 

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 How are Your RATINGS????

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate our club. Your answers will help us see our clubs strengths and weaknesses and develop a           plan to address problems that need attention.

If you have any questions, please contact: ____________________________________________________.

For each question, please rank our clubs performance using this scale:

4 = Always 3 = Often 2 = Sometimes 1 = Seldom 0 = Never

Please add your comments (both positive and negative) in the spaces indicated.

Please complete and return this survey to: ____________________________________________________.

Due date: ________________________________________________________________________________


____ 1. Does our club president follow an agenda?

____ 2. Do meetings start and end on time?

____ 3. Does the club provide interesting and varied programs?

____ 4. Are guests properly introduced?

____ 5. Are meetings interesting and lively?

____ 6. Is there a friendly atmosphere during club meetings?

____ 7. Are speakers given enough time for their presentations?

____ 8. Is our meeting place adequate?

____ 9. Do club members have the opportunity to participate and communicate?

____ 10. Are the minutes of the previous meeting and the board of directors meeting read and approved?

____ 11. Does the treasurer give monthly reports regarding the clubs financial standing?

Areas where our club excels (please comment): ____________________________________________________________________________________________________



Areas that need attention (please comment): ______________________________________________________________________________________________________



Additional comments: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________    




____ 1. Does our club set a membership goal for the year?

____ 2. Are members encouraged to recruit new members?

____ 3. Does our club have a recruitment plan in place?

____ 4. Are new members properly inducted?

____ 5. Are new members properly orientated?

____ 6. Are new members immediately assigned to a committee?

____ 7. Are all members encouraged to regularly attend meetings?

____ 8. Are awards and other recognition presented in a meaningful manner?

____ 9. When new members are introduced, are they invited to share information about their hobbies, family

and background?

Areas where our club excels (please comment):____________________________________________________________________________________________



Areas that need attention (please comment): ____________________________________________________________________________________________________



Additional comments: ___________________________________________________________________________________




____ 1. Does our club schedule community service projects at least every quarter?

____ 2. Does our club schedule fundraising projects at least every quarter?

____ 3. Are you given the opportunity to suggest new community service projects?

____ 4. Are you given the opportunity to suggest new fundraisers?

____ 5. Are our community service projects still relevant and successful?

____ 6. Do a majority of our club members participate in all projects?

____ 7. Do you feel that you are being asked to do too much?

____ 8. Does our club publicize its accomplishments, fundraisers and service projects?

____ 9. Does the club support district projects?

____ 10. Does the club support multiple district projects?

____ 11. Does the club support International Headquarters projects?

____ 12. Are you made aware of the clubs service goals?

____ 13. Are club newsletters published and distributed to all members?

Areas where our club excels (please comment): ______________________________________________________________________________________________



Areas that need attention (please comment): ________________________________________________



Additional comments: ___________________________________________________________________




____ 1. Do you enjoy being a Lion?

____ 2. Are you encouraged to set personal goals?

____ 3. Are you challenged to try new things?

____ 4. Are you given the opportunity to gain leadership skills?

____ 5. Do you enjoy club meetings?

____ 6. Do you enjoy your clubs fundraising activities?

____ 7. Do you enjoy your clubs community service projects?

____ 8. Have you been given responsibility for activities?

____ 9. Have you been given responsibility in your committee?

____ 10. Are you informed about all aspects of your club?

____ 11. Do you feel like an important part of your club?

____ 12. Are you encouraged to participate in international, district and zone functions?

____ 13. Are you encouraged to visit other clubs?

Areas where our club excels (please comment):___________________________________________________




Areas that need attention (please comment): _____________________________________________________



Additional comments: _______________________________________________________________________



Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your input is extremely important to the club. Once the results of this survey are tabulated and evaluated,                they will be shared with all club members.

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